EL Cheapo II Analyzer Kit

EL Cheapo II Analyzer Kit

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DIY... Build it yourself, save $$$, and learn something!

The OxyCheq El Cheapo II is an oxygen analyzer kit. It takes about 3 hours to complete.

The "El Cheapo II" oxygen analyzer kit works as well as any commercial O2 analyzer.

The "Kit" includes all of the parts necessary to complete your own oxygen analyzer. The "Kit" also includes a brand new Teledyne R17S or AST-17D Oxygen Sensor in a factory sealed bag. Detailed instructions walk you through step by step from preparing the case to soldering. Warranty does not apply to DIY.

This item is only sold directly from OxyCheq. This kit is the very first product that OxyCheq came out with.

Upgrade to a Ten Turn Pot for Increased accuracy.

Many of our customers are surprised how well the El Cheapo II works. The reason is we put only high quality sensor in our analyzers ... even the El Cheapo II. This is the reason it outperforms many analyzers costing much more. Don't get the wrong sensor, get the best.

*No Warranty Applies To A DIY Project.

What some customers have said ...

"Patrick, built em last night, did two different designs so I know which one is which (one sideways and one normal) and they work fantastically."

"I have just completed the ECII, I put in a Battery adjusted the display pot, set it to 20.9 then cracked a tank of 37.3% and it matched perfectly! , I`m tickled Pink ! (overjoyed)"

"I have a Vandagraph and have had no problems with it. I've had it for going on 5 years. I've seen people have trouble with the OMS giving erratic readings. I have a homebuilt one that I like best. I got the plans and components from Patrick Duffy, it is his El Cheapo analyzer and it works well."

"A while back I got two O2 analyzer kits from you. I just thought I'd let you know how happy I am with them." Geoff Illing, Australia

"You've got three more satisfied customers on this side of the Atlantic. We're all very pleased with the kits and especially the instructions." Philip Siswick, UK

I received parts for El Cheapo II Oxygen Analyzer from you a while ago. I put it together in very short time and I am impressed! It works great! I compared it with my friends analyzer, which he bought in a store for around $400 and the readings are exactly the same, not even the slightest difference. Thank you very much! Keep up the good work. Kristijan Loparnik, Slovenia