The Home Builder’s Bible For Oxygen Analyzers

The Home Builder’s Bible For Oxygen Analyzers

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If you own an oxygen analyzer, are interested in how oxygen analyzers are built, have an interest in building one yourself, or want to make some inexpensive, this book is for you. Don’t waster your time or money buying parts that will not work. We can honestly say that this book will pay for itself. This book shows you how to make oxygen analyzers using four different digital panel meters. It will also show you how to make designs with the sensor in the electronics enclosure as well as externally.

In addition to the very reliable and field proven “El Cheapo II” design, “The Home Builder’s Bible for Oxygen Analyzers” also includes very detailed designs using digital panel meters with 0.5% and 0.1% error.

This 62 page publication is not only the most detailed book available on oxygen analyzers, but we also show you how to make some budget wise accessories like tees, Din connectors, sensor caps, and flow restrictors. We show you how to make a tee and DIN connector that you can build at home using only a hacksaw.

The publication is full of detailed plans and photos. We wrote this book just like we wrote the plans for the El Cheapo II analyzer. We assumed you know very little about electronics. The plans and instructions are very detailed.

Some of the topics discussed in the “The Home Builder’s Bible for Oxygen Analyzers” include:

  • The basic parts of an oxygen analyzer
  • Designs using 4 different digital panel meters
  • Designs with the sensor in and out of the electronic enclosures
  • Methods for splash proofing
  • How to make inexpensive accessories
  • Methods of Measuring Gas
  • Oxygen analyzer and sensor care and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting your oxygen analyzer
  • Parts source List
  • Glossary

and more...

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